Moonstar Window & Door Systems

Moonstar is the first uPVC company in South Africa to manufacture vertical sliders. uPVC doors, uPVC windows and uPVC joinery work related to customer satisfaction by carefully targeting Moonstar upvc, comfort and aesthetic aims to reach all locations. To meet each consumer’s needs and tastes, different alternative options with profiles.

Customer satisfaction, service and product quality in principle, our company’s manufacturing processes and equipment are certified by the TSE. Customer relations ‘to sales’, but especially ‘after sales’ has begun speaking, any technical problems in the event the customer’s next can be a conception that is representative of our company for 20 years, to us a reference that you our customers the reliability proved.

Moonstar uPVC Window & Door Systems in South Africa

With excellent design and functional diversity, a whole new perspective on your life, would produce a different color to add. All kinds of doors, windows and woodwork of all uPVC, with all the details are examined, our professional staff is prepared perfectly. We know the importance of aesthetic quality, without compromising the quality of products and services Moonstar door, with different models and products, we continue to serve.

The benefits of uPVC windows and doors are particularly applicable when fitted with stainless steel hardware. uPVC frames do not rot, rust or corrode and never need painting or staining. As they do not absorb moisture – they will not warp, twist or split. uPVC is treated with special additives making the material extremely tough and durable.


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