What are the benefits of uPVC windows and uPVC doors?

uPVC Windows Systems employ a corner welding process to ensure that the window or door corner is completely welded into a single structure; therefore, water is unable to pass through the welded joint. Additionally a double layer of TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) rubber gasket is placed around the sash and the frame to efficiently seal the gap.

uPVC Window Profile Systems Consist of Polyvinyl-Chloride, Stabilizer, Titanium Dioxide (7%) etc. in order to withstand various kinds of weather condition, ultraviolet rays and rapidly changing weather while the frame structure can slightly expand or contract.It is able to withstand high surface temperatures of up to 82oC without defects. This means that long – term sunny conditions do not cause the profile structure to break or deteriorate in quality, throughout the life time of your windows.

uPVC Windows and uPVC doors have multi-point locking mechanisms that are integrated inside the profiles systems. Lockable handles are available on both the windows as well as the doors. Our uPVC profile systems can accommodate any type of glass – including intruder resistant as well as bullet resistant glass. Together with the steel enforced frames, our window and door systems are among the most secure in the world.

According to a recent survey, 37% of household energy is generally lost through windows. Proper selection of windows and glass would enormously cut down this energy loss. uPVC Windows Systems with 20mm insulated glass thickness, could conduct the U value of 1.8W/m2K, compared with 7.50W/m2K for general aluminium window frame.

uPVC Windows Profile Systems have multiple chambers inside the profile structure while the hardware system is equipped with a multi point locking system to ensure proper closing and tightness. This efficiently reduces noise disturbance from outside, down to one-eighth of the original noise level (sound reduction ratio is between33-43 dB).

In cities with high pollution levels uPVC Windows Systems can withstand any corrosion caused by such conditions. Even in beach area residencies, humid weather is unable to corrode, or damage uPVC Windows Profiles.

uPVC Windows Profile Systems are fully self extinguishing. Polymer, the material that uPVC Windows Profile Systems are made from, is non-combustible, due to its high chlorine concentration, and the use of appropriate compounds. uPVC Windows Profile Systems are manufactured under DIN 16 830 standard, guaranteeing your safety.

uPVC Windows Profile Systems are built with smooth surfaces and properly welded corners. The profile colour will not turn yellow or fade after a few years of use.
Frequent cleaning is possible without any repainting throughout the useful life of the frame, so the maintenance cost is low compared to wood.

uPVC Windows Profile Systems are made from ecologically friendly materials (60% rock salt) in terms of less pollutant emissions than wood and aluminium. Polymer is recyclable, and so there is no lost material as all waste goes back into the recycling process.

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