UPVC doors

UPVC doors – the key to bringing the outdoors in

Bringing the outside indoors is one of the trends that really might become a classic of the late 21st century and uPvc doors or sliding doors are the key to getting this look right, paired with UPVC windows.
Homes with an airy and open feel are the choice for many, and with the South African weather, it’s easy to see why.
There are many benefits to uPVC doors, but most of the joy and pleasure we get from them cannot be understood in a showroom or from a uPVC sliding door catalogue. Their benefits need to be lived to be appreciated. Here are a few moments.

A Moonstar UPVC doors moment in your LIVINGROOM:

upvc doorsTime stands still as the light filters into the living room. It’s a balmy summer afternoon and you’ve slid your sliding doors wide open, turning your living room into a verandah-like space. You remember being so excited when ordering the doors from Moonstar. You knew it would entirely change the way you use your living room space and how you use your home.

The doors fit well into your décor scheme, but they slide away neatly to give you a luxurious eyeful of the view – a wild garden that you love. The dappled shade from the large tree in your backyard sketches patterns on your sofa and a soft breeze blows in and over you, where you’re relaxing on the couch.

You lie on your back and watch the light flicker through the trees on this lovely Sunday afternoon. You look at your doors and feel immensely blessed that you were able to install them, and provide this moment to yourself and your loved ones. Without realizing it, you doze off to the sounds of birds and the soft rustle of leaves.

A Moonstar moment in your OPEN PLAN KITCHEN:

uPVC Folding Doors

It’s pouring with rain outside, and the doors you ordered from Moonstar are standing up well to the storm that has now calmed down a bit as the sun rises. The grey light of morning reflects on the stone surfaces of your kitchen and your breakfast nook.

You’ve always loved the rain, and the sound it makes on a corrugated iron roof, so you chose this material for your roof.

The vast open expanses of door windows allow you a sacred moment to just watch the rain sway and splatter. You sip in your warm cup of coffee and the smell of bacon on the gas stove fills the air.

The thrill of being able to have installed these beautiful doors, made to measure for your kitchen, is just exhilarating. The warmth of the cup in your hand and the smell of coffee awakens a feeling of deep gratitude. You close your eyes and just listen to the rain fall.

A Moonstar moment in your BEDROOM:

upvc bedroom doorsThere is a bird nest in a beautiful fever tree outside your bedroom window. You only noticed this after you had installed those bespoke sliding doors from Moonstar. With the view now wider and higher than when you had conventional windows, if your lie on your side, you can look up into the trees from your bed and spot the nest. This is the second year you’ve seen the birds return to the nest to raise a family.

The doors from Moonstar have been a boon to your experience of your bedroom and you can’t wait to lift the blinds in the morning, to be able to appreciate the view.
The beaks of the chicks sometimes appear in view when the mother or father returns with food. You never thought you would get so excited about birds, but it’s a thrill to witness it, an honour.

You experience this over a few weeks your with spouse each morning, lying right beside you, who gets so excited when the chicks peak out. Today both feathered parents are trying to teach the chicks to fly. All three of them are hopping around on the tree branch, fluttering a bit, uncertain of their newfound skills. You would never have noticed this and been able to appreciate it from the luxury of your bedroom, if you hadn’t installed the sliding doors from Moonstar.

A Moonstar moment in your BATHROOM:

You’re certain there’s no bathroom like this in the city. Bright crisp and airy, the bathroom has an ethereal feel due to the large sliding doors you ordered from Moonstar, that now face the city skyline. As it is an open plan bathroom and bedroom, you’ve situated the aluminium doors far enough so that your privacy is ensured, but your bathroom space is still brimming with light.

The ancient Greek gods must have had this feeling when looking down from Mount Olympus. Wherever you sit or stand in the bathroom, the view dominates and reflects in the marble surfaces and mirrors. Thinking back you really can’t believe how the bathroom, which was dark and cramped, has been transformed with the addition of the doors. The natural light is the constant reminder of the improvement that has been made.

You chose to live in the city for a reason, you love the skyline and the hustle and bustle. Now every morning, you ready yourself for a great day and survey the urban jungle you’ve grown to love, all thanks to Moonstars’ uPVC doors.

A Moonstar moment in your DINING ROOM:

upvc livingroom doors You hold your hand over your mouth as you burst into uncontrollable laugher. Your spouse has just tried to tell joke and it just came out all wrong which made it so much more funny. Your friends laugh with you, wine glasses in hand. The sliding doors you purchased from Moonstar stand wide open in the twilight. You’ve switched on the fairy lights and the garden and verandah look magical.

It’s build-your-own-pizza night and everyone is getting along so well, new friends and old. You wipe the tears of laughter from your eyes, stand up and walk over to your spouse at the head of the table and plant a kiss on their cheek. As you walk over to your kitchen to fetch another bottle of wine, you turn and look back on the dining room which looks as if is part of the garden, due to the sleek Moonstar doors that have been folded away.

There is so much joy here you think. Suddenly, everything happens in slow motion. You see the expressions of your loved ones as they interact, a raised eyebrow, a puzzled look before someone gets a witty retort, a spontaneous hug, the subtle squeeze of a hand between a couple. The soft breeze flicks the tablecloth at the sides. You are awakened from your reverie at the call of your name. It’s your spouse. You’re wanted.
For the benefits of uPVC windows, you can click here.

Let’s look now at the different types of sliding doors available on the market.

Stacking doors

You’ve seen and adored them from the first time you opened a magazine or switched to your favourite décor television show. Stacking doors are what they are called.

Stacking doors are folding doors that stack onto each other towards the sides and fold neatly away. This brings about the much sought after open plan living that connects indoors to outdoors. Stacking doors also glide away and feel luxurious to handle. Anything from 2 to 5 door panels can be stacked together, to fit a space. A space as wide as 12 meters can be covered by the doors. So you can entirely open up to your patio for example.

upvc doorSecurity proof doors

UPVC doors aren’t just beautiful to have in your home, they are also act as security proof doors to a certain extent. There are a few reasons why our doors could also be seen as security proof doors. The first is that because of the material they are made from, which is high impact resistant PVC, they are less prone to shatter or to be easily broken by would-be burglars. These windows are also usually assembled into a strong multi-chamber system with customized reinforcements that really up the ante and make it hard for your average criminal to gain entry through these security proof doors.

Lets now briefly look at the benefits of uPVC doors versus standard door options

You keep the temperature nice and snug

With many standard door options, you have the problem with heat loss through the gaps in a door. The cold creeps in and the warm slips out. With PVC doors and uPVC doors, this is not a problem as they are made to measure and fit snugly because of their uPVC frames.

It’s tough and easy to maintain

TT RH (3)When it comes to uPVC doors or PVC doors there is little maintenance to do. With any standard door, there is varnishing to do or some painting every few years. With uPVC doors or PVC doors this is a thing of the past.
The uPVC frames of uPVC doors or PVC doors are low maintenance and stand the test of time. These UPVC doors are resistant to rust. If you’ve walked into your local building hardware store recently looking for traditional steel doorframes, you might’ve been surprised by the current quality available on the market. There are usually two options at a hardware store.

The first is a standard quality door, and then there’s also the higher quality option. It’s sad to say that neither of these options offer any quality at all. The high-quality steel doors are sometimes so flimsy, that you can bend the doorframes with you bare hands. With UPVC doors or PVC doors from Moonstar, you are assured consistent quality that will not easily warp when installed.

You save at the bank

Seeing as you will not be forking out cash every few years to repaint or replace a door, you save a bucket-load on maintenance costs by choosing UPVC doors or PVC doors from Moonstar.

Time is your reward

If you choose doors from Moonstar you set yourself up for relaxation. How do we figure that? Well, seeing as you won’t have to work a Saturday every few years, maintaining your door, you will have more free time to yourself. It might not seem like a lot, but can you recall the irritation and slog of the last time you had to sand down and repaint those wooden doors? With our doors there is no such hassle.

It’s a perfect fit, because its custom

uPvc doors doors or PVC doors satisfy clients needs because they fit where they are required seeing as they can be made to measure.
So now you have a good idea about which doors might look good in your home, you might be wondering what to do with the windows. Want to create a unified look all around? Well this is possible with the windows supplied by Moonstar. There are a variety of options to choose from and many that can be ordered as double glazed options. Trying to create the look, why not contact us.

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