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UPVC windows have the cool and the hot factor

You’ve seen them on décor shows like Grand Designs, and in houses of the rich and famous, but now the uPVC windows double glaze craze(check it out),and enclosed blind UPVC windows and doors is hitting SA in a big way, cooling our houses in summer and providing added warmth on chilly bushveld nights, uPVC windows are just the thing. Can you say YES! When it comes to UPVC(Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride) windows, there is really no better quality than what we offer. There’s a lot more to UPVC windows than you think, terms like double glazed windows, PVC Windows, insulated windows, integral blinds, tilt and turn windows, top hung windows, soundproof windows and security proof windows, and all that can get a little bit confusing. But don’t fret, you will be an expert on this with our to the point guide.
There are bucket loads of advantages (see the benefits here) that come with UPVC windows vs old-school traditional window options.
You can read more and see some examples of our double glazing products here and if you were wondering, we’ve got a great deal of info on our UPVC doors here

The uPVC windows advantage

Insulates better

When it comes to the green credentials of uPVC windows, you can be sure that heat gain or loss is lessened to a large extent due to the precision insulation these windows provide, which decreases your climate control needs in your home considerably.

The impact on the environment, and your pocket, is less

If you choose the correct installation option, like double glazed windows, this could have a massive impact on your pocket in the long run. In doing so the energy consumption or carbon footprint in your home, whether it is for heating or cooling the living space, is lessened and your monthly electrical bill decreases.
Over a period of time, the savings just keep on adding up with the amount of energy you save.

UPVC windows

Vertical sliding windows like these combine old world charm with cutting edge technology.

It’s tough and easy to maintain

You know the drill with your average window treatments found in South Africa. Its either steel-frame, or wooden frame or aluminium. Steel frame windows these days found at large building material suppliers really have been reduced to low quality substitutes that warp and wobble, making fitting glass to the windows an art in itself. The finished product is usually very unsatisfactory and straight lines that are aesthetically pleasing aren’t always guaranteed. With our windows you don’t have to fret about this as you are assured precision work and a perfect fit, and also a strong frame that will insulate well, with a variety of frame looks to pick from, not just a standard few. With standard window frames, double glazing is not an obvious option.
Maintenance is another issue that really does get us going. Our windows are very low maintenance as compared to other more traditional options. With steel frames you need to ensure that rust doesn’t become a factor, and also apply and re-apply paint over the years which does rack up the maintenance costs on your home. The same can be said for wooden window options that need a coat of varnish every few years. Wooden windows also break down over time because of the elements. With our windows you don’t need to undertake any of these maintenance duties in the short term.

You save on maintenance costs

Due the fact that you won’t be spending your hard earned cash to buy cans of paint, brushes, scrapers, varnish and rollers, you will save quite a chunk of cash in the long run due to not having to maintain steel or wooden window frames. Simply wipe down your our windows with a damp cloth to keep them looking neat. Lifespan of these’s kinds of windows can vary, and it is best to enquire from your supplier.

UPVC windows

Our UPVC windows offer a variety of solutions.

You save time

Another factor to consider is the time it will take you to maintain window or steel window frames, the Saturdays or Sundays throughout your life where you will be working hard, while you could be relaxing by the pool with your family. With our windows there is little maintenance to be done, and you can spend your days focused on things you like to do. You see, our windows have rust resistance properties and that’s the way this product saves you the hassle of trying to keep the rust at bay. The good thing is that you have options. Even with aluminium options, you can decide to paint or the aluminium windows can be anodized, and there could be maintenance involved.
According to Wikipedia “Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts.“

Our windows fits to any design

As you can imagine, when you are working with a material like uPVC frames which can be precision cut and fitted perfectly, your design options with this material are endless, and this rings true whether you are on a lower or higher budget for window options.
You can read more and see some examples of our double glazing products here and if you were wondering, we’ve got a great deal of info on our UPVC doors here

So what are UPVC windows exactly?

UPVC windows

Keep the warmth in or the cold out with the great thermal ratings our windows and doors provide.

Well UPVC or PVC windows stands for ‘Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride’, not that this makes it any easier to understand.
So these windows are usually double or triple glazed windows(with 2 or three panes of glass) that are highly UV resistant. These windows systems employ a corner welding process to ensure that the window or door corner is completely welded into a single structure. These windows are sometimes steel reinforced and work with a chamber system that makes the entire system stronger and also boosts insulating qualities.
There are a variety of glass options to choose from when it comes to our windows or PVC windows, from safety to standards glass, and energy efficiency is another option to choose.
As you might already know, two panes of glass are set apart with a space bar to create the double panes which form the UPVC window. UPVC windows or PVC windows are treated with desiccant which removes any extra moisture during the manufacture process. The glass is then sealed twice and the gap between the glass is usually filled with argon gas or dehydrated air. A great variety of finishes are available when it comes to these kinds of windows. Did you know Moonstar is the first UPVC firm in SA to create and manufacture vertical sliders?
What are vertical sliders? Well its bit of a fancy word for old-school sash windows made in uPVC frames but there are a variety of designs now available.

Thermal ratings is a big thing when it comes to our windows. This type of window is one of the best in terms of ratings. Windows manufactured by REHAU, which Moonstar distributes, are leaders in sound insulation and burglary resistant windows.

Double glazed windowsInsulated windows

So what are insulated windows? There is some confusion on what the difference is between insulated windows and double glaze or triple glaze windows. There shouldn’t be though. Insulated windows are basically a synonym for glazed windows, or any other window designed to control climate through controlled heat gain and heat loss. Insulated windows are windows that insulate us either from the cold, or the warmth. The biggest upside of these kinds of windows is the energy costs we save when we install them in our homes. REHAU profile windows, which Moonstar is a supplier of, have great thermal insulating properties and their products are often used in renovation projects which are energy efficient and green conscious like low energy housing.


Tilt & Turn windows

Our Tilt & turn windows turn heads wherever they are installed.

Tilt & Turn windows

It looks great and it really functions well, there is really no reason why you shouldn’t go with tilt & turn windows for your home or office. Tilt & turn windows really are a good fit for any application. You are able to either have partial ventilation or you can open the window entirely. It’s the flexibility of the tilt & turn windows that really makes our clients fans of this technology. These types of windows also clean easily and are effortlessly maintained. Tilt & turn windows come in a variety of finishes.

Top hung windows

Have you taken a look at the wide range of window options we offer?

Top hung windows

Top hung windows are one of the most general but also most popular options currently on the market and are seen in many new builds around the country. Top hung windows as the name suggests are manufactured with an outer frame and a hinged sash that projects outwards. With top hung windows the sash is usually on the top of an outer frame so the bottom swings open when you need some fresh air. Top hung windows work really well in cramped spaces as they need little room to open. These types of windows can also be left open slightly in adverse weather conditions as the bottom opens outwards. Top hung windows also come in a variety of standard sizes, are low maintenance, come with solid durable handles and hinges and are silent in operating and also come in a range of finishes.

soundproof windows

Don’t go looking for silence. Why not make it happen in your own home. Block out excessive noise with sound proof windows.

Soundproof windows

Ah, the sound of silence. In this day and age, where you go, it’s hard to find this elusive experience. And if your home is situated near a busy road, it’s a big problem. Certain studies have proven that people can get used to many things, but sound that they cannot control or block out is the one thing that no-one can cope with. It literally erodes happiness. For this reason alone, you should install soundproof windows in your home. You can choose from a variety of soundproof window options with different finishes to make the move from sound chaos to quiet sanctuary.

Security proof windows

In the troubled times we live in Moonstar offers more peace of mind with security proof windows that also come in a variety of finishes. Security proof windows ad that extra barrier of protection which makes it that much harder for burglars to gain entry to your home. You’d be amazed at how unobtrusive the security proof windows we offer are and how effortlessly they blend into your remaining window options.

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